Hiking routes in the Western Galilee

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Yehiam Fortress

Yehiam Fortress

At the site are the remains of a beautiful fortress with Crusader and Ottoman structures, and also the heroic story of the brave Yahiham fighters in Israel’s War of Independence.
The fortress’ 15-meter-high Crusader tower offers a panoramic view of the Western Galilee, and if you combine a visit in the spring with a tour of the Yehiam Stream, you will be treated to beautiful, colorful blossoms along the trail.

Photo by Zeev Shtein, PikiWiki website.
Bahá'í Gardens in Akko

Bahá'í Gardens in Akko

The Bahá'í Gardens surround the ancient estate of the Prophet Bahá'u'lláh who founded the Bahá'í religion.
The garden paths lend an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and among the beautiful landscaping work are olive and sycamore trees centuries old.
The gardens can be visited every day of the week except on Baha'i holidays and Yom Kippur.

Photo by Zeler-Zalmanton, PikiWiki website.
Ein Afek

Ein Afek

Ein Afek's swampland landscapes offers visitors an opportunity to experience lush vegetation, different types of waterfowl and an old flour mill with a lovely scenic view of Akko (Acre). The nearby garden shelter for endangered plants is home to 24 species of unique endangered plants or “red” species.
These plants were brought to the shelter before the start of development work along the Nahman Stream, such as from Ein Afek, Karei Na'aman, Ein Nimfit and the Na'aman estuary, and planted in beds simulating natural habitats.

Photo by Ira Koblechuk.
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