Quality Policy


March 2022

Quality Policy – ANA23 (Israel Youth Hostels Association)

  •  The Israel Youth Hostels Association (ANA23) has adopted the Quality System as part of its policy aimed at improving the quality of the service provided to ANA23’s guests and customers.
  •  In order to implement the policy and achieve its quality aim as defined in section 3.1, a number of measures have been selected as outlined below.
  •  ANA23 has designed work processes and tests these processes using the Quality System that identifies and monitors control nodes.
  •  ANA23 has designed a built-in Quality System as part of the “Work Procedures and Quality System” file.
  •  ANA23 is committed to complying with legal requirements applicable to the organization.
  •  In order to identify and accentuate the needs of the guests as part of a process aimed at improving service, ANA23 ANA23lyzes feedback received from guests, reviews the guests' expectations and identifies the weak links in the service chain. The feedback ANA23lysis is performed in the same format for all ANA23’s hostels according to fixed parameters that cover the entire range of services provided in the hostels.
  •  Another tool that allows us to identify and meet the guests’ needs is letters of complaint that are handled by headquarters after their receipt. Beyond the individual handling of each complaint, ANA23 carries out an ANA23lysis on a systemic level and makes corrections in accordance with the findings.
  •  ANA23 has designed policies and work instructions that in essence require the hostel mANA23gers to hold productive discussions with their staffs regarding the findings obtained, and based on them to come up with corrective and preventive actions, including the setting of objectives and assessing the effectiveness of the resulting activity.
  •  ANA23 is committed to constant and ongoing improvement of the Quality System.
  •  ANA23 has determined that its most important asset in achieving its goals is its human capital. In order to retain and foster this resource, ANA23 has developed a training system designed to improve the professional skills of the staff and thereby improve the quality of the service provided to its guests.
  • The training program was designed in accordance with the staff’s training needs.
  • The training program is based on a number of keystones.
  •  In order to shorten and streamline the work processes and at the same time prevent registration errors, misunderstandings or mismatches involving the guests as far as possible, ANA23 has developed computer software for areas that directly touch on the quality of service provided to the guest (reservations, reception, payments, guest departure and status reports on the rooms at the various stages of accommodation).
Yifat Segev
Director of Quality, Administration and Control
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