International Youth Hostel Federation

The International Federation of Youth Hostels, HI – Hosteling International (, is a worldwide not for profit organization incorporating hostels in 80 countries around the world. The Federation, established in 1932 to coordinate the various associations worldwide, is one of the largest international organizations, with over 3.7 million members. The organization is founded on the concept that travel and acquainting with diverse locations around the world contribute to heightened tolerance, crosscultural understanding, and world peace. The Federation encourages activities that allow people to familiarize with the region, with nature and society. As such, it promotes enterprises in the field of sustainability.
  • Israel Youth Hostels Association (IYHA) is a Federation member and actively participates in the Federation’s agenda.
  • Federation hostels are open to a diversity of populations without prejudice against religion, race, color, gender, nationality, social standing, or political views.
  • The wide spread of hostels, their unique locations, and their safe atmosphere shape a unique travel and hosting experience that integrates familiarization with other cultures and encounters with new people.
Hostels linked to the Federation can be found in inspired places – sleeping over in a Jumbo plane in Stockholm, a lighthouse in California, or a boat in Budapest are just a small taste of the amazingly creative ideas.

Come and stay with us at HI hostels worldwide and enjoy hosting experiences with added value.


Israeli travelers abroad:
In some countries, staying at hostels requires a membership card . In many places, your hostel membership card will offer benefits such as a discount on the hostel price and at local tourist attractions.
Before traveling overseas, we recommend you check all details on the international website:
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