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Bird Head (Rosh Tsipor) Park in Hayarkon Park

Bird Head (Rosh Tsipor) Park in Hayarkon Park

Have you visited the new birdwatching center in Bird Head Park yet? The center, which offers eight acres of trees, greenery and streams, is located in the Ganei Yehoshua Park in the heart of Tel Aviv (just across from the hostel), at the point where the Ayalon and Yarkon rivers meet.
The park's habitats attract birds of various species, and specially constructed hiding places enable visitors to watch the birds without disturbing them.

Photo by Meni Levi, PikiWiki website.
Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv's bustling leisure and shopping complex is no longer a port, and its restaurants and shops attract many thousands of visitors and tourists every year.
The port was opened in 1936in wake of the Arab strike, when the Zionist institutions asked the British Mandate government for a permit to unload ships near the Yarkon estuary.
After the High Commissioner gave his approval and a customs inspection station was established, the port became operational.
The crane that stands near the water was built in Israel and operated from 1938 until the port closed in 1965.
As part of the port reconstruction project and its reopening to the public in 2007, the crane was restored and positioned in its original location.

Photo by Vered Pashut.
Yarkon National Park

Yarkon National Park

Yarkon National Park is a green space in the heart of the Tel Aviv area that combines the sources of the Yarkon and Tel Afek.
The park is a true gem of peace and tranquility in Israel’s most urban center and offers an opportunity to take in the exquisite natural landscapes of the pristine Yarkon River with its greenery and water lillies, wading pool, an ancient fortress overlooking the entire area, a British waterworks, artificial lake, squill path and more.
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